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PLEASE NOTE: Do to some new and upcoming changes, the Mini Backboard will not be available until the second quarter of 2016. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you again for your continued support.

Whether you’re looking to recognize a high school or college basketball alumni (player or coach), no other award in the business today shows appreciation for those who have contributed to past memories like the Mini Backboard. This may be the lone product that will really show that person what they once meant to your program or organization.

Basketball volunteers work hard to better programs around the country as a whole. Big named players recruit younger up and coming stars to their program/organization, coaches do their best to coach these players to winning a championship for your program and let’s face it, without all of the volunteers your program wouldn’t have the success that it has had in the past. Once all of these individuals have graduated or have moved on, they go unrecognized unless they go to play at a higher level.

The Mini Backboard acknowledges their love for the game and provides them a lifelong tribute to their contribution to your basketball organization. Alumni will be able to reminisce over their careers with their laser engraved name, university or school name, team logo, position, all-time statistics, any broken record, and much more! Competitive travel basketball leagues are also worth remembering as these leagues are usually time consuming and played at a high level of intensity.

Other basketball awards and recognition products are more basic and don’t do justice for these special alumni players, coaches, and volunteers who have helped grow your program to where it is today. When you hand an alumni a Mini Backboard, they will be thrilled with your choice. If you’re looking for a basketball alumni gratitude present, let us end your searching with a fully custom, personalized Mini Backboard award.

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