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PLEASE NOTE: Do to some new and upcoming changes, the Mini Backboard will not be available until the second quarter of 2016. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you again for your continued support.

Is your company about to run a basketball promotion? Stop for a second and think to yourself: “Do I have the differentiating factor that my competitors don’t have and will it catch the consumer’s attention in addition to driving product or service sales?” If you can’t answer this question within a few seconds with an effortless “yes”, you found the right promotional basketball product.

The basketball business is both extremely competitive and costly. This leads companies in the basketball industry to spend millions of dollars on promotions to gain consumers’ attention and interest in their products and services. Without the consumers’ interest, it’s incredibly difficult to increase awareness in your product or service. Professional basketball players are paid a large sum of money to represent these companies and the public is well aware of this through custom player brands, television commercials, the press, and online advertisements.

The Mini Backboard has changed the way basketball promotions are approached. While it’s complete customization and differentiation is perfect for basketball industry giants, the cost and exclusivity of the Mini Backboard is great for smaller companies that don’t have millions of dollars to spend.

Separation between your brand and your competitors brand is simple with a laser engraved Mini Backboard. Below are several different ways that your business can use this laser etched custom product to excel with your next basketball promotion.

  • 1)  Company Name — The Mini Backboard will catch one’s eye at first glance. Having a large company name will draw their attention in the direction of your products or services.
  • 2)  Company Logo — Do you have an identifiable company logo or a new logo? By branding your company logo within the Mini Backboard’s cast acrylic, consumers will easily indentify your business.
  • 3)  Company Slogan — Are you trying to get your company slogan to become a household slogan? Maybe you want to introduce consumers to a new slogan? Whatever the case may be, the Mini Backboard will work great.
  • 4)  Company Product — If you have a new basketball product or you’re trying to gain consumer awareness for an existing product, look no further. This could include a product release date or general information about the product you are trying to promote.
  • 5)  Company Website (URL) — Is your basketball promotion simply to encourage consumers to go to your company website? Maybe you’re having some type of giveaway. Your company URL will stick in their heads after being seen on the Mini Backboard.
  • 6)  Company Contact Information — Including company contact information works exceptionally well if your company is in the service industry. This could include; address, phone number, email address, fax number, social media links, and anything else you may find useful for contacting your business.

Whether you’re trying to endorse a brand in a retail clothing store or trying to entice a new client, the Mini Backboard will do the trick. If you or your company is interested in purchasing Mini Backboards for your next basketball promotion, please use the “Contact Us” box and let us know what you’re trying to accomplish.

Your competition will wish they found this product before you did! If it’s a single basketball promotion your company is looking to complete or multiple long-term basketball promotions; we can help you achieve your goals!

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