Chokin’ on the Whistle Mini Backboard

Chokin’ on the Whistle Mini Backboard Basketball Award Gift

Item Number: COWMBB

Description: Some basketball referees never seem to call any fouls or turnovers. They may look like their going to call something, but suddenly “choke” on their whistle, causing them not to make the call. The “Chokin’ on the Whistle Mini Backboard” award gift is a funny basketball gift that will give a laugh. After clicking “Add To Cart”, you’ll be able to enter a name to replace the “NAME HERE” text shown in the picture.

If you would like to add an optional second line of engraving under the “NAME HERE” text, please select the “Second Line” box below and click the “Second Line: Yes + $5.00”. You will be able to enter your text on the next page. All text is the same font and is centered by default.

Price: $55.00 Sold Out

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