Greatest Basketball Ref Mini Backboard

Greatest Basketball Referee Mini Backboard Award Gift

Item Number: GBRMBB

Description: If you’ve been playing basketball long enough, you know there are both great and awful basketball referees out there. When a referee does poorly, the coach, players and fans get on his/her case. When they are doing a wonderful job, everyone doesn’t say anything to the ref. The “Greatest Basketball Referee Mini Backboard” award gift allows you to finally acknowledge that a referee is doing a fantastic job calling games. After clicking “Add To Cart”, you’ll be able to enter a name to replace the “NAME HERE” text shown in the picture.

If you would like to add an optional second line of engraving under the “NAME HERE” text, please select the “Second Line” box below and click the “Second Line: Yes + $5.00”. You will be able to enter your text on the next page. All text is the same font and is centered by default.

Price: $55.00 Sold Out

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